Single parents

>> Sunday, November 29, 2009

I tip my hat to single parents, especially those with young kids. My husband has been working some overtime lately, so I have gotten a taste of what it is like to be the only parent in the home. I don't work, so I can only imagine doing everything in the home, while taking care of children and still going to work everyday. There should be some sort of single parent holiday for them.

I also don't see how people work all the time when they have a family at home. To me, no amount of money in the world would be worth not getting to spend time with my family. I guess that is why the divorce rate is so high in America. There are way too many workaholics.

My husband is off to work again so I can't type anymore right now. Yay for no overtime next weekend! God bless and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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