Praying Like Breathing

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

My husband and I are reading a book right now called The Power of a Simple Prayer by Joyce Meyer. We have only read a couple chapters, but I have already seen a change in my life after implementing what we've read.

Ephesians 6:18 says to "pray always" and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to "pray without ceasing." I've known these verses for a long time but I have never truly put them into practice. I've always had the mindset that I don't have enough time to pray all day. I've learned from this book just how powerful a simple prayer is (hence the name of the book). Prayer is not only effective if a person is on his/her knees with his/her eyes closed spending at least fifteen minutes in prayer. This season in my life that is usually not possible anyway. A person can say an effective five word prayer  while standing with his/her eyes wide open. God looks at the heart of the one praying. When we speak from the heart, whether it is fifteen or five thousand words, God hears us. 

Instead of waiting to pray when I have time, I have been spending my whole day praying. While I am making the kids' breakfast I thank God for another day with my family. As I go throughout the rest of the day, while folding laundry, picking up toys, etc., I let God know that I am dependant on Him to be a good wife and a good mother and I am constantly thanking Him and asking Him for help as I go from one task to another. Just a simple I love you Lord means a lot more to Him than I think we realize.

The whole atmosphere in my house has changed since I began saying these short simple prayers all day. I've been getting more accomplished than before. I believe that keeping this constant communication with God makes me more sensitive His promptings, letting me know what I should or should not do as I go throughout the day.

If you are constantly struggling just to make it through the day everyday, try this. It works.


Maybe not

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember my post the other day about wanting more kids now? I am so completely and totally over that. I might want one more, just not right at this moment.

Isaiah had a cold last week. Isaiah could not sleep while he had this cold. His poor little nose would get too stuffy when he laid down, therefore he refused to lay down  all night for a few nights in a row.

No sleep for Isaiah = No sleep for me.

I forgot what it felt like to go a couple nights in a row with only three or four hours of sleep a night. I'm not so sure I want to go through that again so soon. If God has other plans for us I will take it, but it's not what I would choose for the time being.

Good bye baby fever......probably until I see another newborn.


I Love Him

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I woke up this morning to empty laundry hampers. And not because all of the dirty clothes are thrown about the floor. Every article of clothing in our house (besides what we are currently wearing) is washed, folded, and put away.

Monday morning mounds of clothes came flying down the stairwell. With all the sickness in our house last week, the laundry was neglected. Al the dirty clothes in our house were thrown down the stairs and separated into the living room. I wanted to scream. My husband chose to help out and do all the laundry in one day, or that is what he claimed he was going to do. When he does laundry he brings it all downstairs at the same time instead of separating the clothes upstairs  and bringing down one pile at a time when it is ready to be washed, like it is supposed to be done. I kept telling him there was no way he was going to get all the laundry done in one day. Plus, he was doing it all wrong. Keeping piles of clothes in the living room all day is not the correct way to do it. But I kept my mouth shut and went grocery shopping while he tackled the ten piles.....that were in our living room. Can you tell the clothes in the living room were bothering me?

By Monday night all the clothes were washed. I thought to myself, Sure he can wash the clothes in a day, but not all of them are put up. I told him so. Just in case you didn't know, laundry is not complete until it is folded and put away in its proper place. I still kept my mouth shut and let him do his thing.

Before my dear husband left for work on Tuesday, all of the laundry was washed and put away. I have to say I was completely shocked. I think he was just trying to show me up. Maybe his way is more efficient, but my way makes the house look neater.


Mop Head

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Mop Head,

Please come back. Wherever you found yourself after leaving the washing machine is not your home. You will never be happy away from your handle. Your true destiny cannot be fulfilled without it. When you do decide to come home there will be a  fresh bucket of water waiting just for you. I do miss you dearly.

Yours truly,
Mopheadless Housekeeper

Picture above of runaway mop head. There is a $10.00 reward for any information that leads to its recovery.


Only A Moment's Time

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I have too much on my mind today for Not Me Monday. It seems like for the past week or so every time I turn around there has been a reminder of how it only takes a moment's time for an event to happen that causes a person's life to change forever.

There was the earthquake in Haiti. That day people were just going about their everyday lives not knowing that they were about to experience a dramatic life changing event. I've seen footage of the aftermath that I would rather have not seen. There are so many people there who need medical attention but can't get it, so they are just having to suffer day in and day out. We take so many things for granted, like being able to pop some Tylenol for our minor aches and pains. Imagine losing your arm, and due to the lack of medical help, an infection sets in where your arm once was. All day you experience excruciating pain but have no pain medication to help ease your suffering. This is what many in Haiti are going through right now. Similar stories happen everyday all around the world in third world countries.

One night last week my husband came home from work early because he couldn't get in touch with me and thought the worst. When I quit working we disconnected our home phone so we rely solely on our cell phones for communication. This particular night my cell phone died and I forgot to plug it up. We were fine, but everyday someone has an experience like this where their loved one is not fine,..

We had a tornado last week where I live. It wasn't bad and there weren't any serious injuries, but there have been many tornados here that did result in the worst outcome possible. This tornado the other day was very unexpected. There was not much warning resulting in many being unprepared. My brother, like many others, was stuck in traffic right next to the tornado. I thank God that he was not harmed, but it was another reminder that it only takes a moment.

A girl that I went to school with and played basketball with just died a couple days ago of cancer. She was only a year younger than me. I just saw her last August. If it wasn't for her not having any hair, there was no way to tell that she was sick. She looked as healthy and happy as can be. After seeing her in person I just knew the cancer wouldn't take her life and she would be healthy again soon. God's plan was for her to be with Him sooner than those who were close to her would have chosen.

In a moment's time an earthquake, a tornado, a car accident, or an unexpected sickness can occur and change the course of a person't  life forever. We don't always see or understand everything that God allows to happen. We just have to trust Him in everything. I am seeing now more than ever the importance of that personal relationship with the only One who will always be there to comfort those in need during hard times.


Another baby

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

No, I'm not pregnant, but I am contemplating the idea of adding another baby to our family. There are so many things running through my head concerning this I really don't know where to start.

I am supposed to start grad school this fall. Grad school and pregnancy don't seem like a good mix. I'm not working right now and I don't want any of our kids in daycare, so on the other hand now would be a good time to have another one. Then there is the medical bills that would come from having the baby. Those wouldn't fit into our one income budget. I always wanted to have our children close in age so they can be best friends, but being pregnant while chasing around a very active toddler doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Especially while I am studying, cleaning house, taking Jazlyn to and from school, and taking care of my husband. God would have to give me the grace to handle all of that if another baby is what He wants for our family.

Babies are a blessing. I know that because the Bible tells me so. My husband wants twelve kids. No really, twelve. I'm not too fond of that idea. I've always said that three is my absolute limit. I know I'm not really the one that controls whether or not we have more kids, but I can at least know what I want. We were talking with some friends one night about how God probably laughs at us when we make "our" plans concerning how many children we have and when.

I do have the desire right now to have another child though. That desire could have come from God because it is His will, or it could just be my own desire that is a million miles away from what God wants for us right now. Maybe I should talk to the One who created the earth and find out what He thinks. I'll let ya'll know what He says.


My New Job is Hard

>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In case you are new here, my job is being a stay at home mom to my two kids, while at the same time making sure my husband is happy.

Let me clarify, to begin with, that I am not in the least bit complaining about my new job. I do still love the fact that I get to stay home with my two kids, but this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I literally have not sat down all day except when I was nursing Isaiah and when we did Jazlyn's schoolwork. When I stopped working, I thought this was going to be a breeze. I thought it would be just like every Saturday was when I was working. Wrong.

There is an endless amount of dishes now because I cook pretty much everything we eat. I run the dishwasher at least twice a day. I know I could make that less if I would handwash something, but I do refuse. I don't want my dishwasher to think that I don't like it anymore. At least, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

There is also an endless amount of toys. Everywhere. I find them in every space imaginable in our house. When we were away from the house five days a week, the house didn't get as messy. When I was working, if I could have the house clean by Sunday afternoon then I knew it wouldn't get too messed up during the week. Now I have to clean up the house daily.

Isaiah is spoiled. Rotten. He screams if I leave his sight. Sometimes he screams if he is not being held (like right now). If he is in a good mood I can at least put him down to do something, as long as it is in the same room. If I leave the room, he sounds like he is being tortured. Someone came over the other day and parked in the street in front of our house. She said she could hear him crying before she even got out of the car. Have I mentioned how ridiculously close the houses are in my neighborhood? So yeah, I'm pretty sure the neighbors do think he is being tortured. I'm glad they don't care.

Jazlyn is officially a teenager. That's all I have to say about that.

I do feel like I am finally getting into the groove of being a stay at home mom. The holidays messed up my routine, but I have it back now. Staying home is helping me lose weight. Booyah fat! Instead of sitting at a desk all day I am up chasing two kids around all day. It is great exercise. I might just start exercising for real and watching what I eat to get the last little bit of this weight off. The beach this summer is a good motivation for me to go ahead and start that. I'll have to check with my son first and make sure he approves since he runs things around here.

Although this life is a lot harder than I expected, I wouldn't change it for anything. Who wouldn't want to spend the whole day looking at this precious face?

I love cooking three meals a day. Ok, maybe some days it is only one meal.

I love washing dishes numerous times a day.  Ok, all I do is load and unload the dishwasher.

I love picking up two hundred sixteen toys a day. Ok, maybe only fifty-six.

I love holding Isaiah all day, while cooking, doing dishes, picking up toys, and everything else my day pertains of.

I love the conversations I have with my new teenage daughter.

I love playing Candyland and Chutes and Ladders twelve times a day.

I do love my new hard, but fun life as a stay at home mom!

On a totally unrelated note, if you notice in the pic there are lines (or whatever they are). My camera does that, but only sometimes. Anyone know what could cause that?


Convo with Jazlyn

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me: Why are you crying?

Jazlyn: I'm not crying.

Me: Yes, there are tears running down your face. Why are you crying?

Jazlyn: I'm not crying. My eyes are sweating.

Apparently, she was drinking something too fast and it made her eyes water. I love our conversations......sometimes.


You Know You're a Parent When....

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

You know you're a parent when...

You wake up in the morning with a cheerio stuck to your forehead.

You  use the phrase "I have to go potty," even when speaking to other adults.

There is no need to buy paint for your walls because they are already colorfully painted with crayons and markers.

The floor in your car is never seen due to the mounds of toys and cheerios.

You find stickers stuck to your socks all the time.

There are five different types of fruit juices in your refrigerator at one time.

You are too busy to think, but too full of love to care.

A smile on a sweet baby's face makes two hours of sleep in one night okay.

A simple "I love you, Mommy" can make any problem go away.


Bloggers Uniting for Haiti

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

I know I just blogged about Haiti yesterday, but Crystal at Money Saving Mom is calling people into action and I had to join in. She is calling anyone who has a blog and has done anything for Haiti to blog about what you have done and link up at her blog. Her family is donating $10 for every person who links up there.Crystal is also donating $.30 for every comment left.   Others are also donating for every link or comment on their blog.

My husband and I were given some money for Christmas that we haven't yet spent. When I asked him about donating to Haiti he didn't hesitate to donate all of his Christmas money (I love him!). We both donated our unspent Christmas money to Compassion.

I know everyone doesn't have extra money to donate, but everyone can pray for them. Whatever you can do, go here and leave a comment, or if you blog about what you have done leave your link. You can donate through Compassion by clicking on the banner above. If a lot of people do a little it turns into something big.


Help Haiti

>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

My heart is aching for those in Haiti. I'm sitting in my house with the heat on so that I can stay warm while it is cold outside. I have plenty of food to eat. I have clean water to drink. I have clean clothes to wear. These things that we consider a necessity are considered a luxury to most in Haiti.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Throw in a natural disaster and the people there must think there is no hope. My biggest worry is getting my baby to sleep through the night. Most mothers in Haiti are wondering where their baby's next meal will come from. Will you help them during this catastrophic time?

You can click on the banner at the top of my blog to give through Compassion, a reputable Christian organization. You can also give through the Red Cross. If you do donate, go to Kelly's Korner and leave a comment letting her know you have done so. She is donating $1 for every comment up to $1,000.

If you can't give, then please pray.



I just discovered something about myself last week. I am was selfish. I've kind of always known this, but I've just now acknowledged it. In Dr. Phil's words (love me some Dr. Phil!), you can't change what you don't acknowledge. This selfishness has always been talking to me in the back of my mind, but I never wanted to really admit it, because then I would have to do something about it.

Last week I heard someone say something along these lines. God will not let you be happy if you are not doing what He wants you to do. When I heard that, it hit home. Hard. I know that little voice in the back of my mind about me being selfish has been God talking to me. I have been choosing to ignore Him. I haven't been too happy here lately. Think that is a coincidence? Not a chance.

I'm the most important so whatever I want I should get, right? WRONG.

My poor husband can easily tell you that I nag used to nag him. A lot. I finally realized the nagging was coming because of my selfishness. So I've been not giving in to my selfish ways. Instead of nagging him about what I think he should do all the time, I've been focusing on what I can do to make his life easier. It hasn't been easy, but it is getting easier. If I think he should spend time with me instead doing something else, instead of nagging him about it, I give him a sweet smile and ask if there is anything I can get for him. I've acutally been happier not getting my way. I've been doing what God wants me to do, so He has been keeping me satisfied and joyful.

I quit acting selfish. Life has been good. Everyone is happy. Coincidence? Not a chance.



Poison Control Call #1

>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boys sure are different. I never had to call Poison Control for Jazlyn. Never. Isaiah is now 8 months old and I have made my first call to them. I say first not because I am trying to speak anything over my son, but future behavior is best predicted by past behavior.

The boy puts everything in his mouth. Everything. He also gets into everything. I mean everything. We never had any problems with Jazlyn getting into stuff. We never even completely baby proofed our house. There was no need for it. She didn't get into stuff. Isaiah is definitely making up for her lack in this department.

Isaiah got into a bin that was on the floor. This bin had a jar of vaseline in it. He managed to open the jar and put the top in his mouth. I looked down at him and he had vaseline all over his mouth. Great. I checked the labeling and sure enough it read Call Poison Control immediatley if swallowed.

Poison Control told me that I needed to keep a better eye on my son so that nothing like this happens again. Really they didn't. They did tell me that he would be fine.

Boys will be boys. I underestimated the meaning of this saying. Boys really are a lot different than girls.

I just rubbed my eye and guess what's in my eye now. Vaseline. I cleaned up Isaiah but failed to wash my own hands. Labeling reads Keep out of eyes. We're two for two for the warnings listed on the label. We're on a roll.


Truthful Tuesday

Today I am joining in on Truthful Tuesday. This is my first time playing along. Truthful Tuesday is hosted by Elizabeth over at Confessions From a Working Mom. Each Tuesday she has a different question to bring out the honesty in people. Today's question is......

What talent do you wish you have...but don't?

A few years ago my answer would have been a lot different. However, now that I have become Susie Homemaker, my answer is cooking. You know how some people can just throw anything together and it tastes good? Yeah, well that is so not me. I have to go strictly by recipes, or else the food is just a disaster. I even mess up recipes sometimes. I'm sure my family would appreciate if cooking was a talent of mine too. Especially on those disaster days.



Not Me Monday

>> Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to Not Me Monday, the day I let you in on what I haven't been doing. This weekly therapy session was started by MckMama.

I did not eat Oreos for breakfast yesterday. If I did do something like that then I would at least have had milk with it too. You know, to balance things out.

I did not give Isaiah his first Oreo yesterday morning as part of his breakfast. Who eats Oreos for breakfast?

I did not let Isaiah try to drink out of one of his sister's baby doll's bottles for about ten minutes. I did not also let Jazlyn sleep on the floor at the same time. Nor did I take a picture of them.

Sorry about the quality of this picture. My camera apparently doesn't like the cold.

Happy Monday!



Queen for a Week

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

I usually wouldn't blog on Sunday morning while I should be getting ready to leave for church (shhh don't tell my husband), but today is a special occasion. Remember my suspenseful news about my awesome year? Well, I would like to introduce you to the Queen of the week.....ME!!! I was chosen by Elizabeth over at Confessions From a Working Mom to be Queen this week, because she thinks I'm awesome.

Thanks to me being Queen for the week, I am taking the week off. No cleaning, washing clothes, or cooking......or maybe not. A girl can dream right?

I am excited about my reign. I'm going to have to think of some way to celebrate this special occasion. Hope everyone else's week is as awesome as mine will be. Although it probably won't be since you're not Queen.



Friday's Fact

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's Fact is the day I share with you a fact about myself. Most Fridays, like today, will be completely random.

 Today's fact is that I am a wierdo about the covers on my bed. They have to be perfect or else I can't sleep. I can't stand for the covers to get all bunched up around my face. They have to stay tucked in at the end of the bed to keep that from happening. Speaking of that, I am wierd about my pillow too. I can't sleep in the middle of the pillow. I have to sleep on the end, so that nothing is directly in front of my face.

I will get up in the middle of the night to fix unperfect (Is that a word?) covers. My husband thinks I am crazy because of this. You might too, but oh well. That's who I am. Just trying to be real.

Have a good weekend! Try to stay warm.



Separation Anxiety

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here is the definition of separation anxiety according to the dictionairy:

The normal fear and apprehension expressed by infants when removed from their mothers.

Here is the definition of separation anxiety according to me:

The normal fear and apprehension expressed by mothers when removed from their infants.

One day this week I had a busy day. While I was at home during the day I was busy getting some things ready for a meeting I had that evening. Then I had to go to the bank. Then it was the grocery store. Then it was the meeting, which kept me away from the house for about four hours. Just so no one calls the people on me, my husband was off work. I didn't leave my four year old daughter to take care of her brother. I wouldn't do that for the whole day!

Once I did get home for the night, both kids were asleep. Then it hit me. That is what was bothering me all day. You know how you have the feeling when you leave the house that you are forgetting something, but you can't figure out what it is. That is kind of how I felt all day, like something was missing or wrong, only I couldn't put my finger on what it was......until I got home.

I missed my kids. Bad. Really bad.

Since I quit working I haven't been away from them that much. I didn't realize how much I actually enjoy my days with them until I was away from them for almost an entire day. Isaiah of course was his faithful wake-up-every-couple-hours self, so I did get at least a little time with him that night, which kept me from going into complete panic mode. We all woke up bright and early the next morning. Since I was MIA (missing in action, in case you didn't know) the day before, there were dishes in the sink and dirty laundry waiting on me. We, however, spent the morning playing. Everything else had to wait until I had my Jazlyn and Isaiah fix.




>> Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unless this is your first time visiting, then you notice that things look a little different here. I wanted a three column template (yeah, I'm down with the blog lingo) because that's what all the cool kids are doing. Well things didn't work out the way I planned. I couldn't get everything to fit right. I guess I'm not that cool. So I had to change the background. I couldn't find any to fit right. Then problems with the banner. Then more problems with the banner. Then banner wouldn't work so I had to find a different background and do a different banner. I couldn't find any free ones that I liked so this is what I had to settle with.

So when I said Done! I didn't mean it like "Good, I'm done." No, I meant it like I'm not fooling with this anymore so "I'M DONE WITH IT!"

Ok I feel better now that I got that off my chest. If anyone knows of a place to get free blog stuff, please do tell. I want my blog to be something that I like to look, but I really don't want to dish out any money.

It is almost midnight and Isaiah just woke up. No sleep for me tonight. O Happy Day! (Maybe if I really sing that song I will feel better.)



Awesome Year

Yes, I know it is only a few days into the new year, but I have to say that I am having an awesome year so far. I won a giveaway during the end of last year from From My Kitchen To Yours. It was some Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray. I just used it for the first time the other day and I have to say that I am hooked. My house has been smelling so clean and fresh. Click on the link above and go show Brandi some love. She has some good recipes! I also went shopping the other day to get my kids some summer clothes. I love shopping for them! That was a good day. I just found out that we are going to the beach this summer for a whole week with my whole family, including my parents and my brother's family. Jazlyn has never been to the beach so I am overly excited about that. The day I told Jazlyn about it she asked me approximately 42 times if it was summer yet. I think she is a little excited too. One last thing is that I was picked to participate in something next week, but you will have to wait until then to find out what it is. I love suspense. :)

My first week of the new year so far has been great and I am excited about the rest of the year. Last year we went through many changes in our family. Our sweet Isaiah was born. I quit my job. We joined a new church. All of these were life changing events. I believe all of these changes had to be made to prepare us for the current year, and I am excited to see how the year unfolds. I hope everyone else's new year is going as well as mine. If not I will pass some of my new year awesomeness your way!



He Knows

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I had a "revelation" recently. It came from a scripture that I have heard many, many times. It is something that I already knew, but I just didn't "get" yet. Does that make sense? Good. I thought it did. It is a very simple scripture, but it just recently took on new meaning in my life.

1 Samuel 16:7 says that "man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” I have always known that God knows everything about us, because He knows everything in the world, etc., but it really hit me that He knows everything. He knows every little thought that goes through my mind and every word that I speak, even when no one else is around. When my husband leaves his dirty clothes in the middle of the floor, and I want to knock him upside his head (not that I would really think that or anything), He knows. When Jazlyn knocks her drink over at the table, and I get upset with her for doing that again, He knows. When our neighbor knocks over our trash can, and I think of ways for revenge, He knows. When a friend gets the nice house that I've been wanting, and I get jealous instead of being happy for her, He knows. If I do something nice for someone just so that someone else will notice how nice I am, instead of doing it out of pure love, He knows. God. Knows. Everything. 

So I have been doing some heart examining, since I am now realizing that God know what's in there. If you want to know what is in your heart, then listen to what you are saying. Matthew 12:34 says "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Sometimes I am not as patient with my family as I should be, and I say things that aren't exactly pleasant. This day and going forward I am paying attention to what is in my heart. I want a pure heart that is pleasing to God, all the time. I want my thoughts and the words that come out of my mouth to please Him. I'm thankful that with His help my heart can improve. I'm even more thankful that when I fall short, he is still there with open arms to get me back on track.



New Schedule

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

Sorry, no Not Me Monday post today. I have too many other things on my plate right now. This is the first week I am attempting our schedule. I thought it might be better if we waited until after the holidays, just in case there are two certain little ones who give me a fight. This week we are only doing sleep/nap and eating times on schedule. After we have those down, I am going to do a more detailed schedule of our whole day. I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully our go-with-the-flow family will adjust well.

I also have another new adventure this week. Isaiah has been sleeping in the bed with us. I know, I know. That is the worst thing I could've done....I am never going to be able to get him out of our bed....Blah, blah, blah. Well, he has been sleeping with us so it's too late for all that now.What can I say?  I am a sucker for cuddling. I would let Isaiah keep sleeping with me if he slept good. I think he gets hot and that causes him to wake up through the night. At least, that is what I am hoping for so he will sleep better by himself. We did put his crib in our room, so he won't be too far just in case I do have to get up multiple times during the night.

I am excited about our new schedule and sleeping arrangements. I think it will help me to manage my time better and make sure I am getting all the important things done (like blogging). Hopefully next week at this time I will do a post as a well rested Mom with a successful new schedule. :)

One more thing. Perdue's boneless skinless chicken breasts are on sale right now for $1.99/ lb at Kroger. Go stock up!



Friday's Fact

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Friday's Fact is the day you get to hear an exciting fact about me. So that I don't keep you on the edge of your we go!

Today's Friday Fact is that my favorite color is green. It is Isaiah's favorite color too. He just doesn't know it yet. I painted his room green so that it would become his favorite color. Just don't tell him, ok? I don't want that plan to backfire on me.



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