Book Review - This Little Prayer of Mine

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I know it's been a few days since we've "talked." I've been enjoying some much needed family time at home. We celebrated Valentine's Day by cooking a meal together, complete with dessert. It was a good day.

Now on to other things. I recently received the book This Little Prayer of Mine from the author, Anthony DeStefano. The book is endorsed by The National Day of Prayer, Danae Dobson (daughter of Dr. James Dobson), and Bernice King (daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.). This is a new favorite in our house.

First off, the illustrations are awesome. I love a beautifully illustrated book, and this book is beautiful. More importantly, the book is all about teaching children to pray. The book goes through many different things that a child might pray about: asking God for comfort when sad or scared, being dependant on God for direction down the right path, asking for forgiveness for doing wrong, being thankful for all that God has given, asking God to help us show His love to others, knowing that through trusting God we can do anything, and the assurance of God's love.

Teaching children to have their own relationship with God is important. Prayer is how they develop that relationship. This book is a great example to kids of how to maintain that relationship at a young age through prayer.

Guess what?! The book goes on sale today! I highly recommend you adding this to your library.


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