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>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I have too much on my mind today for Not Me Monday. It seems like for the past week or so every time I turn around there has been a reminder of how it only takes a moment's time for an event to happen that causes a person's life to change forever.

There was the earthquake in Haiti. That day people were just going about their everyday lives not knowing that they were about to experience a dramatic life changing event. I've seen footage of the aftermath that I would rather have not seen. There are so many people there who need medical attention but can't get it, so they are just having to suffer day in and day out. We take so many things for granted, like being able to pop some Tylenol for our minor aches and pains. Imagine losing your arm, and due to the lack of medical help, an infection sets in where your arm once was. All day you experience excruciating pain but have no pain medication to help ease your suffering. This is what many in Haiti are going through right now. Similar stories happen everyday all around the world in third world countries.

One night last week my husband came home from work early because he couldn't get in touch with me and thought the worst. When I quit working we disconnected our home phone so we rely solely on our cell phones for communication. This particular night my cell phone died and I forgot to plug it up. We were fine, but everyday someone has an experience like this where their loved one is not fine,..

We had a tornado last week where I live. It wasn't bad and there weren't any serious injuries, but there have been many tornados here that did result in the worst outcome possible. This tornado the other day was very unexpected. There was not much warning resulting in many being unprepared. My brother, like many others, was stuck in traffic right next to the tornado. I thank God that he was not harmed, but it was another reminder that it only takes a moment.

A girl that I went to school with and played basketball with just died a couple days ago of cancer. She was only a year younger than me. I just saw her last August. If it wasn't for her not having any hair, there was no way to tell that she was sick. She looked as healthy and happy as can be. After seeing her in person I just knew the cancer wouldn't take her life and she would be healthy again soon. God's plan was for her to be with Him sooner than those who were close to her would have chosen.

In a moment's time an earthquake, a tornado, a car accident, or an unexpected sickness can occur and change the course of a person't  life forever. We don't always see or understand everything that God allows to happen. We just have to trust Him in everything. I am seeing now more than ever the importance of that personal relationship with the only One who will always be there to comfort those in need during hard times.


Murdock's mama January 25, 2010 at 9:23 AM  

Isn't this true! Thanks so much for the post...we can all use reminders!

Rudy Rukus January 25, 2010 at 12:16 PM  

Great post Melissa and so true. Thanks for de-lurking on Thursday I was off running a half marathon but I appreciate your comment!! OH and cute kids.

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